We are EXIT 1 Stop

Developing Trust.Demonstrating Initiative.Delivering Expertise.

From the Bold City to the Old City to the Beaches…EXIT 1 Stop Realty is proud to be a local company with local experts.

Our company realizes that no two homes, people, loans, closings or contracts are the same. We are proud to be authentic. There are no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approaches here! We are a locally owned company filled with local real estate experts who are committed to the community and people of Northeast Florida and help them facilitate their individual real estate goal. We use our local expertise to bring a portfolio of services that anticipate and satisfy our clients’ needs and desires in all areas of real estate. We work together as a collaboration of experts in a variety of niche areas in real estate in order to service the people of Northeast Florida and help them facilitate their next home purchase. We are a company of creative, forward-thinkers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box, do the right thing, take a smart risk, and find a way to say YES!